I was lucky enough to find one of these at my local consignment shop the other day for five dollars.  A friend of mine had told me that her toddler had one and loved it.  I wasn’t convinced that my 8 month old needed yet another play cell phone and this one seemed much bigger and less realistic to me.  We have stacks of pink cell phones and toy key sets (don’t get me started on that one) all over the house and I wasn’t about to order one from Amazon, especially when it only gets a three star review.

Here’s what’s great about it:

– Each button cycles through a different selection of cute songs or messages.

– It lights up in different ways depending on which button was pressed.

– The volume is low, so a baby will not hurt his/her ears if they have the phone up to their ear.  This is something that a lot of the Amazon reviewers disliked about the toy.  No comment.

– Baby has dropped it a million times and it does not seem to have any scratches on it.  Maybe Apple should consult Fisher Price on design for the iPhone5.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about it other than that the robust design has hurt my foot a few times after baby has dropped it in just the right way.  I guess that it’s pretty heavy for older babies to hold for longer periods of time.  Nonetheless, I think it’s one of the better toys that we have.  If you’re lucky enough to find one for five dollars in a consignment shop, I’d say it was worth it.  Paying twelve dollars for one on Amazon is not a bad deal either.